Yellowstone season 5 episode 4: Did Jamie almost kill Beth?

Yellowstone season 5 JamieYellowstone season 5 episode 4 arrived with a lot of questions in regards to Beth’s future, and it also wasted no time answering them.

We wondered how exactly Kelly Reilly’s character was going to get out of this situation — after all, there was almost a 0% chance Taylor Sheridan was leaving her behind bars. We figured that Jamie would be behind it and he was, but the aftereffects of all this may be what stand out the most.

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As Jamie drove Beth back to the ranch (or at least started to), she realized the car seat — which, in turn, led to Jamie revealing that he had a child. His greatest sin and biggest respect is taking away the ability for Beth to have children, which is also the thing she hates him for the most. Let’s just say the end result of all of this was explosive, with Beth vowing to do everything in her power to take this child away from him someday.

Will she be able to do that? We wouldn’t rule it out, mostly because we know how tenacious Beth can be and also how hard she will push for vengeance. Yet, she’s not invincible, and the further she rattles Jamie, the more that she’s going to get herself in trouble.

If there is one thing that we’ve come to know about Jamie over the years, it is simply this: The man is a ticking time bomb. He does have a breaking point and with that, you run a big risk of causing significant harm to yourself or to others. Remember the scene tonight where it looked like Jamie almost ran his sister down on the road, but didn’t. Did he actually contemplate killing her? We tend to think it crossed his mind; we’ve seen him murder before, after all…

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What did you think overall about the big events of Yellowstone season 5 episode 4?

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