Yellowstone season 5 episode 4: Could Beth stay in jail?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 2This weekend you’re going to have a chance to see Yellowstone season 5 episode 4 on Paramount Network, and Beth has to be at the center of a LOT of stories.

So what’s the primary focus for her? We don’t think that this is all that complicated a question to answer: It has to be doing whatever she can to get out of jail, and if that’s something that will linger for some substantial period of time.

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Before we dive too much further into this, we should go ahead and state what could be rather obvious: Having Beth locked up for a long period of time would stink. Just by virtue of that alone, it’s really hard to see the producers going this route. Instead, we tend to think that somehow, Kelly Reilly’s character will find her way out.

So what’s the big question that comes with that? It’s rather simple: How it happens. You see, this is the sort of world made up of actions and consequences. Beth may think she is invincible sometimes, but she’s not. There is a substantial price you have to pay for something like the bar brawl we saw in episode 3. It could hurt her attempts to destroy Market Equities, jeopardize Jamie as the Attorney General, or maybe give Jamie some leverage after Beth has tried to blackmail him for most of the season.

Also, it could damage John Dutton as the Governor! We should remind you that he’s not altogether interested in holding this title long-term but even still, he’d probably like to go out on his own terms. Having scandals engulf him could ultimately disrupt him from whatever it is that he’d actually like to do at the end of the day.

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What do you think we are going to see on Yellowstone season 5 episode 4 when it arrives on the Paramount Network?

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