Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1: How did Rossi’s wife die?

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1The series premiere of Criminal Minds: Evolution on Paramount+ delivered a lot of top-level content, but to go along with that, also raised a number of key questions. Take, for example, what exactly happened to Rossi’s wife Krystall. How did she die?

When we saw Joe Mantegna’s character for the first time in the revival, it was abundantly clear that he has gone through a lot. This is someone who was the beating heart of the BAU, a good friend and shoulder to lean on. Here, however, he was angry, cursing up a storm, and distant. Was the death of his wife a part of it? Sure, but he was also obsessed with a case. You could argue that the obsession was in some ways a distraction from everything else going on in his world right now.

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In leaving the death of Krystall somewhat ambiguous, what the show reminded us of tonight is that there are still personal mysteries — then again, it’s also possible this may not be a mystery at all. She could have died from natural causes, or as a result of the global health crisis. Remember that this show is set on the other side of it, where killers used the lockdown to build a dangerous network.

We may or may not get further answers as to what happened to Krystall as the show goes on; what we do hope, at the very least, is that Rossi finds a sense of peace. He’s gotta let some people in if he wants to make a few steps towards recovery! The team can be there for him if he lets them.

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What do you think happened to Rossi’s wife Krystall on Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1?

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