‘The Walking Dead’ season 3, episode 13 review: Did Rick and the Governor reach an agreement?

The Walking DeadOn this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3, Rick comes face to face with the Governor for the first time in hopes of reaching some sort of peaceful resolution over their situation, but Rick brings some “muscle” with him – Daryl and Herschel.  The Governor removes his weapons and asks Rick to do the same, but Rick keeps his gun (and the Governor has a concealed gun).

The Governor tells Rick that he wants them to surrender and he says that it’s not going to happen.  When they start talking, the Governor reveals that he knows everything about Rick, including the fact that his baby might not be his and he tells the Governor what he knows about him too.  The Governor realizes the intimidation approach isn’t working, so he decides to try to bond with Rick, telling him the story of how his wife died while sharing a glass of whiskey in hopes that Rick will open up too.  Rick doesn’t open up but he drinks the liquor the Governor poured for him.  The Governor tells Rick that he has something that he wants and that if Rick gives it to him then they will have peace.  So what does he want?  The Governor wants Michonne and he’s giving Rick two days to consider his offer.

Andrea, Milton and a henchman show up to the meeting and Herschel and Milton immediately bond.  It takes a little for Daryl and one of the Governor’s henchman to bond, but they find common ground too – if only their leaders could get along. Andrea realizes that she can’t go back to Woodbury now that she knows everything the Governor has done, and Herschel suggests she come back to the prison with them – in the end she chooses to go back to Woodbury with the Governor.

Back at the prison the group is getting ready to prepare the prison for war, but Merle thinks that they should load up the guns and go to the meeting and take out the Governor.  No one agrees with Merle’s plan, so he decides to grab some guns and go himself, but the group stops him from acting a fool and getting everyone killed. After weeks of Glenn and Maggie having issues, Glenn finally apologizes for acting like a jerk and they make up much to the delight of fans everywhere.

The Governor sort of lies to Andrea, telling her that he and Rick set terms and will re-meet in two days to discuss further options, but the Governor still has plans to wipe Rick and his group out eventually anyway.  Rick goes back to the group and tells them that the Governor wants the prison and wants them dead, so they are going to war.  Privately he tells Herschel that the Governor asked for Michonne in trade for peace, but Herschel says that Michonne has earned her place in the group and saved Maggie and Glenn.

Do you think that Rick should take the Governor’s offer or will Rick tell the Governor to take his offer and shove it?  Were you happy to see Glenn and Maggie finally make up?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3.

Photo: AMC

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