‘Hell’s Kitchen’ premiere video: Gordon Ramsay’s show starts off familiar

Hell's Kitchen“Hell’s Kitchen” is shockingly now in its 11th season, and when it has a two-hour premiere on Tuesday night we are going to be seeing just about everything you would expect: drama, disasters, Gordon Ramsay cursing like a sailor, but more than anything else aspiring chefs trying to make their dreams come true of earning a secure living working for one of the most-famous men in the culinary world.

While there are new chefs in the kitchen this time around, we are going to ultimately be seeing many things stay the same, including the ever-familiar signature dish competition to start off the season. In what is a change for the season, Ramsay is going to be in Las Vegas with the teams, and they will actually have to look these dishes and present them to Gordon in front of an audience. This means that if they do find a way to screw it up, everyone sitting before them is going to have an opportunity to watch them be humiliated.

As for another familiar twist, the competition will be divided up between the men and the women, with the simple reason for that being that when you have so many new faces, this is the easiest way to keep track of just who is working with who. At some point, Ramsay will probably tweak the teams every so slightly leading up to the chefs receiving their black jackets, and all we hope is that there are two teams that are somewhat evenly-matched. (Last year, the guys were downright terrible for almost all of the season.)

What do you think about about video, and are you psyched to see the new season? If you want to read our exclusive interview with the show’s maitre’d Jean-Philippe, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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