The White Lotus season 2 episode 5: A deeper dive into Portia

The White Lotus season 2As we get ourselves prepared for The White Lotus season 2 episode 5 on HBO this weekend, there is a lot to wonder about — especially with Portia.

While on the surface Tanya’s assistant seems to be one of the more likable and relatable people on this show, there are still questions. What exactly is she looking for? She seems as unhappy as anyone in this paradise, and we’re surprised already that her story with Albie has taken as many turns as it has.

So are things going to get surprising — and a little bit twisted — moving forward? It does seem like that’s possible. In a new interview with Vanity Fair on the subject, here is what Haley Lu Richardson had to say about her character, plus her relationship with her boss:

I think that Tanya and Portia’s relationship and dynamic is actually kind of dark. I got the audition and the character description and had this basic kind of image of what this character was gonna be and this dynamic with Tanya. I was like, ‘Oh, she’s gonna be a nightmare. And Portia is just gonna be this relatable, just frazzled assistant.’ I think that as the episodes go on, you really see just the angst and the misery and the bit of narcissism and unawareness and lostness that Portia has, that almost kind of is a mini Tanya. Me and Mike [White, the series creator] talked about this: if Portia doesn’t get her s–t together, she could end up as the broke not billionaire version of Tanya.

One of the things that has been a big part of Portia’s story so far is that she has an indecisive instinct, and she also does tend to think that she is the lead in her own movie. Not all of it is overt or obnoxious, but it is a part of her narrative.

Could Portia die?

While she wouldn’t be at the top of our lists of suspects, it is 100% possible that we could see something happen to her if she ends up spending time with the wrong people. She’s a fun character to watch, and we’d actually be happy if she returned with Tanya down the road.

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