Survivor 43 episode 10 spoilers: Is Jesse set up for a fall?

Survivor 43As we prepare for Survivor 43 episode 10 on CBS tomorrow, it feels reasonably clear that Jesse is in a position of great power. Just consider everything that we’ve seen so far this season! He’s build great relationships, has advantages, and also has executed some bold moves. He’s also well-spoken and more than capable of delivering a knockout speech in front of the jury.

Of course, there’s a big problem when you’ve had almost too strong of a game at this point: You become a target, and you may not have faced enough adversity to see it coming. This is similar in a way to what happened to Sophie on Winners at War. Jesse has so much going for him that he could lose sight of the fact that someone could snake him and do it before he even knows what’s happening.

In a new sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode (watch at the official YouTube Channel), you can see Jesse basically give a confessional where he lists off every single thing he has going for him right now. The edit is certainly setting him up for a fall, as we usually see this sort of thing right before someone gets blindsided. We’ve already seen some people in the previews suggest that Jesse and Cody need to be split up.

If there is one thing that Jesse could hope for in this episode, it’s that people blindside Cody, given that he is the bigger threat in some of the physical challenges. That would allow him a chance to regroup and figure out what the final phase of his game is going to be. He also could still have a potential ally in Gabler, but would you really trust Gabler to keep your game together? We don’t think he’s as erratic as other players make him out to be, but 100% he’ll be self-interested and focus on his own game before any others.

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Do you think that we’re going to see Jesse in big trouble moving into Survivor 43 episode 10?

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