Magnum PI season 5 filming: The current state of the story

Magnum PI season 5Magnum PI season 5 has been in production now for over a couple of months, and there is a lot of cool stuff already in the can.

So what can we say about the story so far? There are a few different things. We know that some familiar faces like Jin will be back, just like we can also say there are going to be some fun undercover missions for Magnum and Higgins. We’re still curious why they are seemingly in the doctor’s office above and we know that later this season, they’ll also be undercover as lifeguards!

Also, we continue to be curious about some of the horseback scenes that are currently being filmed. (You can see some of the latest good stuff from Stephen Hill’s Instagram Stories.) We know that there are a ton of theories out there that the show may be doing something when it comes to Uncle Bernardo’s wedding, and of course we 100% hope that is the case; yet, we don’t want to make any assumptions here. We do tend to think, though, that with season 5 being this miracle renewal season and a tribute to a lot of fans, we’re going to see a number of fun callbacks to the fans.

The biggest story-related mystery right now probably remains the relationship status of Magnum and Higgins, who of course kissed at the end of season 4. It feels like there’s SO much story that could be explored with the two of them in a romantic relationship, but the last thing we want to do here is make some sort of assumption that this is going to happen. We just think there are a lot of avenues to be explored from these two being together, especially since they still have to balance out their business.

Remember, you’ll have a chance to see some of this story play out starting on Sunday, February 19.

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What do you most want to see story-wise when it comes to Magnum PI season 5?

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