SEAL Team season 6 finale spoilers: Jason and Mandy’s future

SEAL Team season 6The SEAL Team season 6 finale is going to be arriving on Paramount+ this weekend, and we know some epic stuff will be coming. Bravo Team will (shocker) have to risk their lives to get out of the Middle East, and once they arrive back home, they will have to come to grips with a devastating situation. The death of Clay Spenser will loom large over everyone, and we don’t think it will be wrapped up cleanly in this episode. Provided we get a season 7 or hear something more about the movie, this is the sort of thing that could linger.

For the sake of this article, we want to set the stage for a storyline that may seem like a bit of a detour from Clay’s death, but it is still important: The future of Jason and Mandy. David Boreanaz and Jessica Pare’s characters haven’t been together all that much as of late, but they will need to be as they come to grips with what happened. Jason can’t just push away his grief, and he needs a support system at every turn. Some of that can come courtesy of Bravo, but he needs a little something elsewhere, as well.

Speaking to TVLine on the subject of the finale, showrunner Spencer Hudnut didn’t necessarily say that Jason and Mandy will spend time together in the episode; however, it does feel like their story is going to be very-much important:

“Tragedies pull people closer together and put what’s important in perspective, and I think that [Jason and Mandy], even though they feel the call to serve, also are realizing the importance of being there for one another.”

We’re going into this episode, at least at the moment, with the expectation that there is going to be emotional stuff on just about every front. How can there not be given what we’ve seen the past couple of weeks?

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