American Horror Story: AHS episode 10: How did finale end?

American Horror Story: NYC PatWe knew entering American Horror Story: NYC episodes 9 and 10 that this would not be the typical send-off to this show. Despite all of the crazy elements at the heart of this story, it was grounded in something horrible and true. The real American horror story at the heart of this season was the AIDS epidemic, how it started, and how it devastated a community.

This is why, at the end of the story tonight, we were left feeling far more emotional than we have after just about any season so far. There was so much death, so few answers, and a community reaching out to people who refused to help.

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It is hard to pinpoint just one moment that was the most brutal to watch, but we’re going to go personally with the death of Patrick. The doctors barely did anything to help him once he was hospitalized and while he had Gino at his side, there was something so painful and alone about his final fate. This was someone who spent so much of his life unable to be himself and we saw that play out across a number of different angles. The sickness was one part of the pain; the other was the sheer hopelessness.

While the first hour of the finale focused on Sam and Patrick, the second part brought us Adam’s trauma as he was forced to live a life without Hannah or her baby. From there, we saw the final days of Gino, as Adam had to watch him eventually be laid to rest.

Was this an effective finale?

As a visual showcase, absolutely. It has to be one of the most emotionally effective bits of storytelling that we’ve ever seen from this show. It was a story that needed to be told, as well. Yet, it’s also such a departure from this franchise that for many, it may not be what they expected. Maybe that was the point. There was no happy ending, and there was no over-the-top reveal. The easy summary of these episodes is that so many died in silence; now, we must allow those voices to be heard.

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