‘Mad Men’ season 6 spoilers: Jon Hamm, a new sighting, and some strange hair

Mad Men season 6It’s not often that you hear anything about an upcoming season of “Mad Men,” mostly because Matthew Weiner and the rest of the show’s staff has managed to find a way to make their show the most secretive set out of anything on TV. Thus far, all we’ve really been told in terms of concrete details is that Don and Megan Draper will be in Hawaii on some sort of tropical vacation; now, we know that Jon Hamm’s character is going to spend some time driving about time … and with some rather usual company.

In some new photos that you can see here, Don is seem traveling in a sporty red convertible with a pair of his SCDP workmates in Roger Sterling along with Harry. But where are these scenes supposed to be set? That’s a pretty good question, since Harry’s yellow suit coat almost makes it look like they are all on some sort of bro’s vacation.

Ultimately, it’s rather hard to speculate as to just what is going on here for one simple reason: this is a set photo, and what we’re looking at here is production with the actors in front of it. All we can really say is that Don, Roger, and Harry are going to be spending a little bit of time together away from the office, and the prospect of this alone should be rather exciting for those of you who love some good office intrigue.

Hopefully, we will have something more to share prior to the return of the show on April 7 … so stay tuned.

What are you hoping to see from “Mad Men” season 6? If you want to see the official teaser for the upcoming episodes, you can do so by visiting the link here.

Photo: AMC

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