‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ review: A double dose of bad news

SurvivorWednesday night’s new episode of “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites” had a very “One World” feel to it. What do we mean here? The simple answer here is that we had a very unlikable contestant suddenly see his journey end due to injury. However, the difference here is that while Colton Cumbie lasted until episode 6, Shamar only made it to episode 4.

Seeing him leave was mildly emotional, only because everyone was worried about the mere fact that his eye was badly injured. However, it was not so hard to say goodbye to a guy who never really did anything around camp, caused massive argument after argument, and also repeatedly told people in his tribe to “shut up.” For the Fans tribe, this was a bad result physically in that they lost someone who could have been valuable to them in challenges. However, could they do better as a team without this guy around? That is a question that we saw an answer to very quickly … and it was no.

To be fair, the Fans did a pretty good job in the immunity challenge, with one notable exception: Laura. Thanks to her completely failing when it came to something as simple as opening locks, she just became too much of a liability … even to the point where the majority alliance turned on her, and kept both Eddie and Reynold around. The good news here for them? That Reynold still played his immunity idol.

There actually is not much else to talk about this week all things considered, mostly because the entirety of the action on the Favorites tribe consisted of Phillip giving everyone crazy nicknames, and then meeting who Malcolm called perfectly the “Gollum” of the Philippines in a guy who taught them about all of the best ways to survive. Granted, just about all of this is going to be useless based on the fact that Brandon goes completely insane next week and starts destroying their camp.

What did you think about this episode, and are you going to even remotely miss Shamar? If you want to read some of our recent “Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites” rankings? If so, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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