‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: An early morning phone call

PeterThe infamous phone has not really played much of a role seemingly in the “Big Brother Canada” game ever since the first night … at least until now. While it’s possible that the houseguests could have received a call at some point while the feeds were down, we did see an instance of it ringing on the feeds this morning.

So who picked it up? It was none other than Peter, who broke away from his strategy of laying low for long enough to put himself at risk by answering the phone. Unfortunately, what we don’t know at the moment is who or what was on the other end. Peter told Emmett immediately afterwards that there was not anyone on the other end, which to us feels like the biggest bold-face lie ever. Of course there was someone on the other end! He was probably just banned from being able to say anything about it in fear of consequences.

We don’t really think that this will change what happens on Thursday in any sort of substantial way. Danielle is still set to be the target for elimination, and it is probably going to be a blindside if the current pattern holds in the house. The dominant alliance (led of course by Tom) is mostly interested in getting people like Suzette and Gary out sooner rather than later so that they can turn the jury house into a party house, which basically consists of people sleeping with each other and acting like crazy people.

What do you think that Peter’s phone call will be, and do you imagine that it will help or hurt her in the game? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can check out some more of the latest “Big Brother Canada” updates over here.

Photo: Slice

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