‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 2 reunion review: Who is still in a relationship, who is broken up?

Shahs of SunsetOn part 2 of the “Shahs of Sunset” season 2 reunion the first topic of discussion was Asa’s venture with diamond water.  There has been a lot of people on the show (and off the show) that find the idea of diamond water ridiculous and when MJ was asked what she thought of diamond water she was honest when she said she thought the idea was was a dream and not a real job and GG seemed to agree, but Lilly and Reza of course support Asa’s goals.  GG admits that although her extension business is taking off and doing well she is still partially supported financially by her father much to the surprise of no one.

Talk quickly turned to the romances that developed over the second season of “Shahs of Sunset” and the hot topic of course was GG and Omid.  The couple became engaged a few months ago and then broke off the engagement, but remained dating saying that they felt they wanted to slow things down a little bit. Mike says that he had seen Omid at the clubs, partying with other women like a rock star and that he and GG didn’t even spend New Year’s Eve together.  Mike also claimed that the diamond ring Omid gave GG was a fake diamond, and that the whole group feels that the engagement was faked for publicity, but GG says it isn’t true.  Lilly then chimes in saying that she knows someone that hooked up with Omid the night GG announced her engagement to him. Are these two still together after what was said on the reunion last night?  According to both GG and Omid’s twitter accounts they still have much love for each other. As for everyone else – Asa, Reza and Mike are all still with their partners, but MJ and the man she met at her birthday, are not really together anymore.

What everyone really wants to know is “what is the status of Reza and MJ’s relationship”?  Reza says that MJ has a substance abuse problem and that it’s ruined their relationship.  MJ offers to take a drug test to clear everything up once and for all and Reza says that he’s seen her with his own eyes take pills on many different occasions. Reza says that he wants the friendship back and if she goes to rehab he will happily support her. At this point the friendship is damaged, but like most fans out there we are rooting for them to find a way to mend the friendship. Another question everyone wants to know is, “did Reza and MJ ever hook up”?  Reza admitted on the show that they did, but now MJ is saying that it never happened – guess we’ll never know the truth about that one. We were a little surprised to see Reza go after MJ the way he did, spilling all of her “secrets” at the reunion.   If he is really worried about her alleged addiction then why not try to get her help in private? Friends never put friends on blast like that, it was a side of Reza we hadn’t seen before and we honestly didn’t like it.

What are you going to miss most about “Shahs of Sunset”? Are you excited to see what happens in season 3?  Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite moment of “Shahs of Sunset” season 2.

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