‘American Idol’ rankings: Kree Harrison, Candice Glover among strongest women

American Idol LogoIf the men on “American Idol” this season are a little weak, the women this year have something strong going. Out of the ten ladies who remain, we could legitimately see nine out of the ten advancing to the next round. Every one of them does bring something interesting to the table, and they have some sort of vocal talent necessary to stop the massive winning streak that is currently going on with the guys.

So what are we basing these rankings on? Performance quality first and foremost, but when you remember that people are now voting for their favorites, screen time and personality are also going to play a role in who ends up advancing.

The rankings

10. Tenna Torres – We were really surprised to see her make it this far. Blame Camp Mariah? She’s not a bad singer, but she is often pitched a little sharp and her upper register sounds a bit like a whine.

9. Aubrey Cleland – Aubrey’s biggest challenge is just going to be trying to have voters remember her. She will probably perform in the first half of Tuesday’s show, and not receive a whole lot of love from the viewers in the results show.

8. Adriana Latonio – Being the show’s first Alaskan to make it this far could mean a huge voting block. However, a lack of screen time hurts her pretty much everywhere else despite some talent.

7. Breanna Steer – One of our personal favorites from Las Vegas week, but despite looking a bit like Rihanna, she just hasn’t received the attention of anyone in the top five.

6. Zoanette Johnson – She’s either brilliant, a fun trainwreck, or a joke depending on who you talk to. Our argument is that she does bring a ton of entertainment to the show, and this is something that the ladies need after being inundated with ballad after ballad over the years. Just for being memorable, we give her a chance to stick around.

5. Amber Holcomb – Amber’s a toss-up in that she was not featured much in the early rounds, but did get the benefit of the pimp spot during her show in Las Vegas. Another knockout performance, she’s probably one of the top five.

4. Janelle Arthur – Janelle is in some ways the Hollie Cavanagh of the season: a repeat contestant with a memorable past on the show, and who carries with her that sweet “i’ll try my best” personality. Her voice may not be as powerful as Hollie’s, but she does have the country vote.

3. Candice Glover – Now, we turn to what will probably be the clash of the titans, and we would not be particularly sad if these were the final three this season. Candice has a knockout voice, a fun personality, and determination. The only thing that concerns us? What happened to a similar singer in Jennifer Hudson.

2. Angie Miller – She’s going be Angie Miller on Twitter now, so we will thus call her the same here until Tuesday at least. We don’t think that her performance in Las Vegas was on par with “You Set Me Free,” and for her now the challenge is going to be trying to not have that moment be her peak of the season.

1. Kree Harrison – At the moment, she’s probably the most interesting contestant of the season (and the only one that we’re currently following on Twitter). She’s got a little bit of rock, folk, and country going for her, and along with the killer voice, we love that it feels as though she is never being anyone other than herself. At this stage, she probably reminds us the most of Crystal Bowersox, and that is very much a good thing.

Who is your pick on “American Idol” among the ladies? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can also select your pick among the guys over at the link here.

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