‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Scrambling and early vote-counting

Big Brother CanadaIt’s Saturday night in the “Big Brother Canada” house, but there are plenty of houseguests right now who are not having a good time. The Power of Veto challenge yielded a result that did not make some people happy, and while it seems somewhat apparent right now who is heading out the door, that can change at any minute on this show. (Warning: spoilers ahead from the live feed.)

With the Veto Ceremony likely happening tomorrow or Monday, it looks as though Aneal is going to be the house’s likely pick for eviction thanks in part to Gary winning the Power of Veto. Will he use it? Probably, but there is already a movement in the house by some people to try and get him to stay on the block as a pawn to not ruffle any more feathers.

As for Aneal, he is hoping more for someone like Suzette or AJ to go on the block that he has a shot at actually beating. The problem he faces right now is simply that he played the game a little too hard right away, and did not have the necessarily allies to back him up. Liza has told him that he has her vote, but he still needs to get five more if he wants to stick around for another week. The problem is that Danielle, Talla, and Emmett all seem to be firmly against him right now, and since Emmett is close to Tom who is still close to Andrew, Peter, and Alec, this is going to be hard.

There are some other developments in the house not related to the nominees, as Alec and Peter (which is quickly becoming to us the most interesting alliance of the season) are talking a little bit about cutting Tom at some point sooner than they originally thought. Their strategy has been to lay reasonably low, and he is actually working against them right now in making them look more powerful. Peter is totally trying to play the “Dr. Will game”: be funny, take money in all of the challenges rather than trying to compete, and run the game behind the scenes.

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