‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 finale spoilers: Is Ezra back in the classroom?

Pretty Little LiarsHow are things going with Aria and Ezra on “Pretty Little Liars”? Judging from this new photo from the upcoming season 3 finale, the answer to this question may very well be “not well.”

If you recall, Aria’s relationship with Ian Harding’s character is one of the primary reasons why he no longer has a teaching job, and he certainly could not go back to Rosewood High while he is still dating her. However, we know that Aria was told by her mom to consider taking a step back from the relationship, and judging from her behavior at the end of the episode, it really looks as though she is doing just that. If Aria starts to believe that Ezra’s life is really moving too fast in one direction for her with Maggie potentially coming to town, this means that she may try to look for romance elsewhere.

Needless to say, all of this is speculation  and it is surely possible that this is another school or that Ezra and Aria found a way to make it appear that they are no longer together so that he could find himself another job doing what he loves yet again. Teaching makes the guy happy, and it also could allow him to be a better father with a full-time salary in hand. (No more hoping to secure tutoring gigs to high school students in need.)

What’s your theory on the Ezra photo above: does it suggest to you that he and Aria are done, or do you think that there could be something else at play here? In addition to sharing your thoughts in the comment box below, you can take a look at another mystery from the “Pretty Little Liars” finale, the identity of “Red Coat,” over at the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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