‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Nina Dobrev’s New York makeover

Nina DobrevAre you ready for yet another change for Elena on “The Vampire Diaries”? Apparently, turning your humanity off and becoming a vampire makes you pull a Britta, proclaim that things got “real,” and put a streak of color in your hair. (“Community” fans will get it.)

The new photos here are from the upcoming March 21 episode entitled “Because the Night,” and they feature Nina Dobrev’s character sporting a new look while in New York City. In case you missed our previous stories on this subject, Elena and Damon take off to the locale during the episode in an effort to give themselves a change of pace following all of the drama in Mystic Falls, but we’re not quite sure that it is going to work. Why? Instead of really managing to get away from the past, Damon ends up being reminded of a different time of his life at every turn.

Nina Dobrev

The new look for Elena should be really thought of as symbolic in many ways. Clearly, it works for the producers of the show to give the character a new style to match her sudden change in personality, and this helps to separate the new version of Elena from Katherine, who we assume will still be off somewhere in survival mode mowing down anyone who happens to get in her way.

What’s the real endgame now for Elena? That is what we are still unsure about at the end of the day. We assume that eventually she and Damon would like to take down Silas at all costs, but it is hard to imagine just how in the world they are going to be able to do that right now.

Based on what we’ve seen, are you digging Elena’s new look? If you want to see some other photos of Damon in New York, you can do so here.

Photo: The CW (via TV Guide)

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