American Horror Story: NYC season 1 episode 10: Who survies?

American Horror Story: NYC PatWith the American Horror Story: NYC season 1 finale coming on FX next week, this feels like the right time to talk survival. Or, to be specific, who among the remaining characters could end up making it to the other side.

Based on the story we’ve already seen here, you can easily make the argument that NYC represents a rather significant sea change from what we’ve seen from this franchise over the years. While we’ve seen some supernatural occurrences on this season including Big Daddy and whatever you make of the tarot cards, all of it is grounded in historical context — much of this season is a metaphor for the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Many people are going to die before we wrap up, with this fear and sickness knocking on the doorstep.

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We’ve already seen that multiple characters are currently in a bad way; meanwhile, the end of episode 8 strongly suggests that Theo is dead. Given the deaths of so many close to him, we have our fears that Patrick won’t make it out of this season.

If there is one character who we desperately want to see survive at this moment in the story, it is Gino, and largely thanks to the speech we heard from him at the end of episode 7 (which technically, was a part of his paper). If anyone can get to the bottom of this sickness and start to spread the reality of the situation to the world, it is him. Based on the world in which NYC has created so far, it’s not going to be the police, and nor is it going to be the government. Someone has to live to tell the tale, and even if he does die eventually, we hope that he can at least be the beacon that a show like this needs. There is so much tragedy here, but we’d like to see him do as much good as he can in the time he has left.

Who do you think could end up surviving American Horror Story: NYC at the end of the day?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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