Cobra Kai season 6 premiere date: What it’s based on…

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We like to think that with every passing day, we are getting closer to a Cobra Kai season 6 renewal at Netflix. Of course, we say this with the 100% assumption that the karate comedy is coming back. Why wouldn’t it? This is a super-popular series with both a beloved property and a diehard audience; the only thing that we’re waiting on at this point is to get that big announcement.

So provided that this renewal does end up coming about, why not look a little bit to the future? There are a few different things that will serve as the basis for a possible premiere date, and they are all worth talking about in their own way.

Scheduling – This is a big one. The creative team, plus the cast and crew, all need to have the time to work on this. That’s difficult when you consider how in-demand a ton of these people are! This is one reason why it could still be a while until season 6 films. Speaking of which…

Filming – Odds are, it will happen at some point next year if the show comes back, and it takes several months to get the full batch of episodes in the can. These high-octane action sequences do not come about overnight! It takes a lot of time, patience, and effort in order to put a lot of this together.

Post-production – Odds are, it’s going to take a solid few months to make sure all the episodes are edited, scored, and 100% ready to go. Once again, this is not the sort of thing that gets wrapped up overnight! This show may not have the special effects of a House of the Dragon, but absolutely there is work to be done.

Netflix’s own schedule – Here is a quick reminder that they are not going to show Cobra Kai too close to any of their other hits. Why would they? There’s just no sense to them doing that! They’ll pick the date that makes 100% the most sense for them.

What do you most want to see when it comes to Cobra Kai season 6, no matter when it premieres?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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