CW’s ‘Cult’ episode 2 review: Who is Steven Rae?

CultOn this week’s episode of “Cult” Jeff is on the hunt for Miriam’s husband, hoping that he will have some clues concerning her connection to his brother Nate, but he pulls a gun on Jeff claiming that he knows nothing of the show or her connection to Nate.

Since Miriam’s husband is too afraid to talk, Jeff decides that he’s going to crash her funeral and see if any of her friends or family are willing to talk.  When they get to the funeral the only person there is the husband who receives a strange call during the service.  The husband leaves the funeral (and Jeff follows) and meets up with the cop Jeff has been working with.  He hands her rolls of wallpaper and she kisses him on the mouth before sending him back to the funeral.

Jeff asks his friend to look into the disc he found and find out what it did to his laptop.  After some investigation she tells Jeff that 2 minutes into searching his laptop the motherboard fried and it started to clean itself, saying that all of the data has been replaced by a symbol that looks like 3 arms holding 3 swords. She also finds the location to where Nate made the phone call to Jeff from the night before, so Skye and Jeff head off to the building to look at the security tapes.  They see Nate making the phone call to him and Miriam’s husband (along with 2 other men) forcing Nate to do what they say.

Jeff and Skye go back to Miriam’s house and find that her husband has left in a rush, so he decides to break in, see if he left anything in his haste.  Inside Jeff finds that her husband has scraped off the wall paper and discovers the strange 3 armed symbol scrawled on the wall.  They find Miriam’s husband bound and gagged under the kitchen sink, but before they can get any real answers out of him, Billy’s followers come to the house and blow it up (with Miriam’s husband inside).

Later Jeff’s paranoia hits new heights after Skye  triggers something in him after saying that Jeff will never get to the creator of the show, Steven Rae.  Jeff starts to wonder why Skye has been so available to him and wants to “help” him so much.  She tells him that she’s interested in helping Jeff because she thinks he can help her too, saying that after her father died she was sent a box with his notes from stories he was investigating and one of the stories was on Steven Rae.  Skye goes on to say that the notes back date to ten years ago and include the word “Cult” in them, but that Steven Rae only created the show a year ago.  Who is Steve Rae and why can’t anyone find him?

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Photo: CW

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