‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Does spinoff end Klaus / Caroline hopes?

Candice AccolaIf you listen to “Vampire Diaries” fans, there are clearly a small handful of character pairings that get plenty of attention: Elena with Stefan (“Stelena”) or Damon (“Delena”) are the obvious ones, and Caroline and Tyler (“Forwood”) quickly became one during the second season.

However, what initially came to be a surprise to us was the surprisingly large amount of people who were rooting for something to happen between Klaus and Caroline of all people. Now that the thought of them being together is out there, it is hard to imagine a world on the show without the idea of the pairing existing. We don’t know if they will ever have a real, romantic relationship, as there are constantly articles with her it be Caroline’s feelings for Tyler or the mere fact that Klaus can be a pretty terrible person.

But does the upcoming spin-off “The Originals” mean that fans of “Klaroline” are now officially out in the cold? Far from it. As Julie Plec explains to Zap2It, this may just be another hurdle in the couple’s way:

“If anything, the spinoff is just another version of an obstacle. Caroline and Klaus is a very, very tricky relationship, in that we can all understand why she’s drawn to him, because we’re drawn to him. But Caroline is not the kind of character who would ever comfortably let herself go there. It’s a constant battle of fighting the attraction that’s very clearly brewing, but knowing she can never go there and still be true to herself. Something would have to change, whether it’s Caroline’s character who changes or Klaus’s character who changes, or circumstances that change, before we as writers would ever legitimately think about putting them together. You can look at the Caroline/Klaus relationship as something that will live on, in a way, even when he’s not on the show. The want is still there.”

The other reason for fans of the pairing to have hope? Since the two shows would be filmed in Atlanta so long as “The Originals” is picked up, there is always potential for there to be some crossovers.

Do you still root for Caroline and Klaus despite everything that has transpired on the show? If you want more “Vampire Diaries” season 4 scoop on seeing Daniel Gillies again on the show, you can see more over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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