The ‘Big Brother Canada’ premiere is here: 5 things we want to see happen

Canada CastIf you live in Canada, then Wednesday night’s “Big Brother” premiere north of the border is something that has been over a decade in the making. We’ve long heard of people who are interested in trying to appear on the show, and they are now getting this very opportunity to stir up drama, evict their fellow houseguests, and ultimately force themselves to dine on slop for a chance to advance in the game for a few more weeks.

So what do we want to see happen on the show this spring? We’ve compiled a list of five simple things that are sure to be entertaining:

1. Canada-themed costumes – You know that someone is going to be in a maple leaf unitard eventually … or at least the embarrassing equivalent to that. We hope that the show does enough to create its own Canadian identity, but at the same time honors the traditions of the American version that introduced its Head of Household – Power of Veto format.

2. A relatively “pure” game – If you look back at the past few seasons of the show in America, two of them in particular (seasons 11 and 13) were heavily influenced at the end of the day by moves production did to keep popular players (Jeff / Jordan, Brendon / Rachel) around longer. Have Canada be involved in voting for various things, but have them be things that keep the playing field level.

3. A great villain – Not everyone can be Dr. Will Kirby or Dan Gheesling, but can we at least have someone close to that? The seasons that lack that sort of diabolical personality (see season 13 after Daniele, or season 12 after Matt) are some of the more difficult ones to watch.

4. Changing alliances – In going back to why season 12 was snoozeville, it was because there was an alliance of four that, with one exception, just rolled over everyone on their way to the end. While this was impressive, it did not exactly make for the most captivating television of all time.

5. Finally, the Zingbot – And we want some good zings, too!

We’re going to be covering this season every step of the way, beginning tonight, as we are going to be bringing you later some news straight from the show’s premiere party. Be sure to check back later for that, and bookmark the tag here to see live feed updates and more throughout the season.

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