‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 18 review: Schmidt’s anniversary party

New GirlTuesday night’s “New Girl” brought us a number of ridiculous things, from Nick Miller buying a porta-potty to him and Schmidt trying to take off in a hot air balloon. We also saw a proposal, a pro football player break down in tears, and the return of Fat Schmidt for some flashback sequences.

In case you didn’t know what we were getting at here, this was a heck of a funny episode. It contained everything you would want to see in a “New Girl” half-hour, and also progressed a key story forward in Cece’s personal life. After struggling to find the right guy to settle down with in an arranged marriage, she seems to have it all figured out … though it unfortunately happened at the expense of Schmidt.

The episode revolved around an anniversary party for Nick and Schmidt living together, and ti turned into the setting for one of the worst days ever for Max Greenfield’s character. He saw the woman that he loves ultimately be proposed to by someone else, and he also had to face the fact that ever since he lost all of his weight, he has acted increasingly condescending towards Nick. Wacky hijinks ensued, but in the end the two parties realized why they appreciated each other so much to begin with.

As for Jess, she continues to try and deny her feelings for Nick by latching onto whatever she can; and on this occasion, it was a football player that Winston was trying to be friends with. Sadly for her, this was not the macho guy that she was hoping for, and he turned out to be the complete opposite of Nick (who never shares his feelings): a guy who never shuts up about his feelings, and also sobs continuously. We’re clearly getting closer to the Nick / Jess endgame, since these two are realizing that the tension has not quite went away (and probably won’t).

What did you think about this episode as a whole? If you want to see what is coming up for Nick and Jess on “New Girl,” you can do so over at the link here.

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