‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2, episode 16 review: Is Wade and Zoe’s relationship over?

Hart of DixieOn tonight’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” season 2, Zoe is beating herself up for missing Wade’s performance and is having trouble finding him the next morning.  After overhearing some ladies at the diner saingy that Wade left the bar with another woman, Zoe is crazy upset.  She finally finds Wade and confronts him about the groupie and he tells her that he only helped the woman jump her car and spent the night by himself, drunk in the back of his car.

Wanda and Tom decide that they don’t want to wait to get married and will be getting hitched in two days, but when Wanda gets hives, she realizes that she needs someone to run interference with her pushy mother who is stressing her out, so she asks Zoe to be her maid of honor.  Tom asks Wade to be his best man in hopes that Wade will teach him how to please Wanda on their wedding night and while he accepts the honor he won’t help out on the wedding night information, instead he tells him to watch Ryan Gossling movies.

Zoe takes Wanda’s mother out to pick out a cake for the wedding, but she ends up getting drunk, ditching Zoe and taking off with a strange man.  The next day when Zoe finds Wanda’s mother, and she tells Zoe that she can’t support the wedding because they are too young to get married, but really Wanda’s mother is just bitter about her own marriage falling apart and is afraid that Wanda will get hurt just like she did.  Zoe convinces her that not going to Wanda’s wedding is something she will always regret and she decides to go to the wedding.

Lemon gets AnnaBeth to sign documents to dissolve their catering business.  She is very tense about Tom and Wanda’s wedding since there hasn’t been a wedding in Bluebell since her wedding to George fell apart.  Lemon ends up asking a man she knew in second grade to be her date to Tom and Wanda’s wedding, but he turns out to be a complete creep and AnnaBeth saves her from the date from hell. AnnaBeth says that she is going to the wedding alone and suggests that they be each others date.  It turns out to be a wonderful idea and AnnaBeth and Lemon find a way to rekindle their friendship.

Lavon meets with the Mayor of Philmore (Tom Gainy) to try and talk him out of building a shopping mall right beside Bluebell’s beach.  He asks George to represent him against Mayor Gainy in an effort to stop the shopping mall from  going up. In court, George wins the case against the Mayor of Philmore and the shopping mall won’t be going up.  George decides to also confronts Wade about leaving the bar with the groupie and Wade tells George the same story about giving the groupie’s car a jump, but something just doesn’t seem right.

At the wedding George tells Tansy and Lavon about his talk with Wade and Tansy tells them both that he’s heard the “groupie/dead battery” story before and that it’s not true.  As Wanda and Tom get married, Wade’s guilt starts to eat away at him and he tells Zoe the truth about the groupie, asking for forgiveness. Unfortunately she can’t get past what he did and the relationship is over.  What was really weird was that like 30 minutes later, Zoe was smiling and dancing at the wedding – we were surprised that she wasn’t completely devastated by his betrayal.

Do you think that it was too soon for producers to break up Wade and Zoe or do you think they were never meant to be?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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