‘Psych’ season 7 premiere spoilers: 7 things to expect from Shawn and Gus’ return

PsychDo you love “Psych”? If so, you’ve probably had a rough few months eagerly awaiting the return of the show. USA has had their longest-running series on hiatus longer than any other show on the network, but after watching Wednesday’s premiere, we can already tell you that it is very much worth the wait.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to spoil for you whether or not Henry Spencer lives to see another day, or whether or not Shawn and Gus find the bad guy. Instead, we’re here to share now a series of seven small teases that should give you an idea of just what sort of hilarity is going to unfold during the hour.

1. Gus rents a car … and also names it after a piece of fruit.

2. Gus actually eats through almost all of the entire episode, and nachos play a particularly large role in one scene.

3. Shawn and Gus have worn countless disguises, but they have to get creative when trying to figure out how to share a fake beard.

4. Lassiter actually does something nice for a change.

5. If Shawn’s plans are traditionally crazy, Sean’s plans when exhausted and emotionally invested in a case are even worse.

6. At least one person from Henry’s past is out to play a big part in this episode.

7. Whatever happens during this episode, it will be tied up well enough so that the show can resume its traditional form in the weeks ahead.

We’ll have a full review of the premiere after it airs, and at that time we’ll get a little bit more in-depth about some of the items mentioned here.

As for some of you worried about whether or not this will be the show’s last premiere, don’t be: “Psych” has already been renewed for a season 8, but early indications suggest that this could be the show’s last.

Photo: USA

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