‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3, episode 21 preview: Spencer Hastings explains it all

Pretty Little LiarsFor the first time since learning the truth about Toby on “Pretty Little Liars” season 3, Spencer Hastings is finally going to be finally finding enough inner courage to speak out about what happened. But will her friends understand her in the same way in which she hopes? That, for the time being, is going to be rather difficult for her.

As the sneak peek below for “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” below proves, Emily, Aria, and Hanna are going to have a difficult time believing for the time being that Toby could do something so horrible as be a part of the “A-Team.” Why? They’ve seen him love and care for Spencer, and they have not been forced to confront the facts for nearly as long as Spencer has. After all, she makes a pretty important argument here: it had to be Toby who locked her in the steam room, since Mona was far away at an academic decathlon event.

As if the “A” madness was not bad enough, there are also going to be a pair of other crises that are continuing to unfold for the Liars. First and foremost, Hannah is having to do everything in her power in order to convince her mom to not actually turn herself in over running over Wilden, since he could be still alive out there and capable of some pretty terrible things.

Finally, we turn to Aria, who will once again be faced with another conflict in the story with Maggie: Ezra’s old flame is now considering a move up to Rosewood with his son Malcolm, which means that this family could start to take precedence even more over his relationship with Aria. While he seems to be doing and saying the right things in order to profess his loyalty, that is hardly an easy thing to do when there is so much insecurity caused by the mother of your boyfriend’s child.

Overall, what do you want to see unfold during this episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can hear some more of what Julian Morris has to say about playing Wren over at the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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