American Horror Story: NYC episode 7: Is Whitely dead?

American Horror Story: NYC Pat

As we prepared for American Horror Story: NYC episode 7, we definitely anticipated a showdown with the main characters and Whitely. He was, after all, the Mai Tai Killer, and the person responsible for the horrifying creation known as the Sentinel.

The weird thing about this story, though, is that we’re still episodes from the end of the season. Would the show really eradicate their Big Bad still hours from the finale? Well, as it turns out, they did — and it has to be one of the biggest moves we’ve seen so far.

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It was Patrick who ended up putting a bullet in this character, and Whitely’s death now means everything can return to normal … or can it? Patrick wanted to bolt from the NYPD soon after, furious about so many cases being swept under the rug and it even getting to this point.

Here’s the twist, though: There were only so many dead bodies connected to the Sentinel. Whitely wasn’t responsible for all of the deaths. There was something more out there, and that inspired of course more Big Daddy theories … but then also the sickness. Hannah was feeling symptoms, and there were a lot of other disappearances scattered throughout the city.

Then, in the second episode, Gino and Patrick started to show some unusual symptoms in Fire Island, and that’s when Big Daddy reared their (ghostly?) head once more. Yet, he is the spirit that cannot be called. A character who did seemingly die at the end, however, was Theo in a heartbreaking / pretty darn devastating sequence. The deer represented all of the other men that died, and it’s becoming all the clearer what this illness is meant to represent. This is the real threat remaining and coursing through the community, more than any one man.

What did you think about the events of American Horror Story: NYC episode 7, including the death of Whitely?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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