‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ rankings: Sherri Biethman rules the Fans

SurvivorDo you know all of the names of the Fans yet on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites”? If the answer here is “no,” don’t beat yourself up too much. Isn’t it really understandable at this point in the game, especially when you are dealing with so many people who are noted airtime hogs?

Thankfully, this past new episode at least did a pretty stellar job of basically laying down the law for where a number of the top characters in the game currently stand, and who is on the chopping block while some others rise to the top. The rankings, just in case you’re new, are based on the following criteria: strategy, edit, physical ability, and the perception of you as a threat to go far. In case you missed it, be sure to also check out where we ranked the Favorites tribe yesterday.

9. Hope Driskill (last week: 10) – The biggest thing that Hope has going for her right now is simply that she is the biggest non-threat imaginable. Seriously, who is thinking to themselves that she will win this game? What’s sadly going against her is that she’s on the wrong end of an alliance, and she may not be used as an asset in camp or in challenges.

8. Shamar Thomas (6) – He may have an alliance, but the guy is such a loose cannon that is eventually going to alienate so many people that he ends up getting himself sent home. Sherri can only protect him as her Phillip for so long!

7. Eddie Fox (7) – He’s a good guy to have around for challenges, and we think that both Hope and Shamar will go before him. By the time he is in danger, it will be closer to the merge, and the Fans at that point may be thinking more towards the game long-term and the fact that he is likely someone who will flip.

6. Laura Alexander (4) – She’s largely invisible thus far, at least save for noticing that Reynold had a bulge in his pocket. We can’t imagine that he is pleased at her calling him out, and he could use this to try and take her down later.

5. Reynold Toepfer (5) – Typically, we’d have someone with an immunity idol ranked higher. Here’s the issue with Reynold: the six people in the Fans’s top alliance can just split the vote next week, force him to flush out the idol, and then send him home the next week when his power is gone. Even if they plan to keep him a while, it’s best to get his power out of the way.

4. Matt Bischoff (8) – We still don’t think that Matt is a particularly great player judging from the fact that he actually seemed to consider staying with the cool kids’ alliance, but he’s got a good group around him and Michael to keep in line. For now, this could be enough.

3. Julia Landauer (3) – She’s probably the most under-edited person on the Fans tribe, but at the moment, we are taking it as a sign this time that she lasts for a while given she hasn’t done anything to hurt anyone.

2. Michael Snow (1) – We still think that Michael is a pretty smart player, and a guy who realizes the values of numbers to constantly keep him safe. We don’t know much about his endgame save for sticking with Matt, but if he can get the guy to the end with him along with someone like Shamar, he’s an instant mllionaire.

1. Sherri Biethman (2) – Isn’t it ironic that it is actually Sherri who is playing more like Boston Rob than Phillip is? Sherri’s in control of much of the Fans tribe right now, and nobody really knows it. This could be a powerful tool for her in the weeks ahead as she tries to keep Shamar around. At the moment, she, Michael, and Reynold (provided he survives that long) are probably the only people capable of really taking on some of the better players on the other tribe.

Who do you think is the most primed to go far on the Fans tribe? We want to hear some of your thoughts below, and you can check out our new rankings for the Favorites once again over at the link here.

Photo: ITV

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