Yellowstone season 5 spoilers: Wes Bentley on Jamie’s ‘low point’

Yellowstone season 5 episode 2With the Yellowstone season 5 premiere coming to Paramount Network in just a couple of days, there is SO much to think about!

For the sake of this article in particular, let’s go ahead and have a discussion about Jamie. This is, after all, a guy who has a tendency to cause a lot of chaos all across the board. He can be cutthroat and yet, also cowardly depending on the moment. He’s found himself in trouble before and odds are, we are going to see him in a similar spot again down the road.

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So where are things going to be starting off for him? Speaking in an interview with the Daily Mail, here is just some of what actor Wes Bentley had to say on the subject:

“We start at a really low point for Jamie … He’s broken, he’s lost, he’s had to kill his own father from Beth forcing him to… and I think whatever love or reconciliation he had with her is gone. He has his own hatred for her.’

The biggest problem for Jamie now is simply that Beth has the death of Garrett hanging over him, and there may not be all that much he can really do about it. He just has to sit back and do her bidding until he finds the time to strike and even when that moment comes, he then has to figure out if he actually wants to go through with it or not.

We know that this show can be a little bit of a slow burn and honestly, we expect nothing less from the Jamie story. In the premiere, John is going to take office! He could lurk behind the scenes for a while.

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What do you think we are going to see from Jamie Dutton as we move into Yellowstone season 5?

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