The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 5: Colleen & Kim eliminated

The Challenge: Ride or DiesEntering tonight’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 5, there was potential for there to be some fantastic chaos. That was especially the case the moment that Jay and Michele were handed a little bit of power within the game.

If there is one thing that has been proven in this game time and time again, it is that betrayals happen and sometimes, they happen early. These two took a pretty huge swing in throwing Jakk & Laurel into the Zone. Laurel is not the sort of player who typically sees this level of jeopardy at this point in the game and if they came back, it’d be big trouble. (As someone who of course wants as much drama as possible all season long, we were very much rooting for them.)

So who did they face off against? Colleen & Kim, who we honestly feel pretty bad about since they’ve been forced to do so many of these already. The specific competition that they were doing here was titled “Give me some slack,” and it definitely looked like it was going to be contentious. Given that these two have won their way to survival before, why wouldn’t you think that they could do this again?

Well, this is where we do give Jakk & Laurel a lot of credit for not panicking. When they realized that their puzzle was not working, they started over rather than try to fix something they were clearly unsure about. This helped them win this particular showdown and as a result of this, Colleen & Kim were sent packing.

Of course, now we’re in a really fascinating position moving forward. How are Michele & Jay going to get themselves out of this mess, especially since we’ve seen already just how dominant Laurel can be in some specific situations? This should be fun…

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