Survivor 43 episode 9 preview: A double elimination coming!

Survivor 43As we start to prepare ourselves for Survivor 43 episode 9 next week, what should we be on the lookout for? Who is leading the charge?

For now, it is still easy to label Jesse as the most powerful person in the game. He has Jeanine’s idol, which nobody knows about, and he also has Cody’s (until he asks for it back). He also has voted correctly in every single Tribal Council so far that he’s been eligible to vote at. This matters significantly when it comes to making a case at the end. Still, we also really like Owen, Sami was smart and aggressive this week, and we like that Cassidy continues to push her own self-interests as much as she does. (Sure, it didn’t work for her tonight, but it might in the future.)

Just judging from what we saw in the preview for what’s coming up next, the stakes are going to be higher than ever! There are two eliminations coming and that, of course, means that we’re going to get a jam-packed series of events. We know that Sami remains eager to do something big, and there are a lot of people in general pretty annoyed over how James has been running the show. Noelle is ready to use her own advantage to benefit her game!

The best thing that we can really hope for is that this is where the game starts to really get crazy and we see some bigger, more aggressive moves. In general, our expectation is that this is when it will happen since otherwise, we could be in for a pretty ho-hum post-merge. The events tonight were a little too straightforward for our liking, especially since a potential blindside was right there and could have been entertaining to watch unfold.

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Where do you think the game is going as we prepare for Survivor 43 episode 9 next week?

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