‘Big Brother Canada’ pre-show rankings: A look at the men

Canada CastOne of the joys of “Big Brother” season to us is the mere impossibility of spoilers: everyone is really judging contestants based on first impressions and not on rumors, and literally anything can happen save for Rachel Reilly finding a way to get along with everyone in a house. (Zing!)

Now, we’re getting a chance to celebrate twice a year courtesy of “Big Brother Canada.” We recently published our pre-show impressions of the full cast, and now we’re going to go a little bit more in-depth in trying to rank where some of the houseguests stand leading into the first episode of the show. We’re not really judging this on much, save for the details on the show’s official page.

8. Peter Brown – Blame the Ian Terry factor for this one. The fans who watched the American show will know that Ian won the season, and the other “nerdy” type characters could have trouble. Peter on the surface just looks like someone who could be a schemer, and we see a Ronnie-esque early exit in his future.

7. Andrew Monaghan – Andrew’s biggest strength is that he is a burly guy, but his biggest weakness is also that he is a burly guy. This is the sort of player who, like Jessie Godderz and Big Jeff, is never going to be able to fade into the background. Unless he finds an alliance early, he’s in trouble.

6. Alec Beall – We don’t think Alec is going to be able to read people as well as he thinks, and he is one of the few characters of the group here that we could see being in trouble regardless of winning Head of Household.

5. Anuj ‘AJ’ Burman – There’s a side of us that believes that Anuj is going to play really hard early and get himself in trouble, but on the other hand, he may do a great job of planting seeds and being a Dr. Will-type schmoozer. His success in the early weeks is likely to be dictated by Head of Household wins. We could see him going far, but we could also see him being the first one out.

4. Gary Levy – There’s no way that Gary comes across as an early threat. He just seems to be an outgoing, fun-loving guy. Will he get along with everyone? Probably not, but if you are a smart player, you take the people who you don’t get along with to the end while eliminating your threats along with way. Gary in our mind could be the Natalie or the Chef Joe of this season.

3. Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon – Aneal also has the danger of becoming a side effect of Ian’s victory like Peter, but we see him lasting a bit locker due to the fact that he is more of a student of the game than a schemer, and we think he’ll be more patient and make some good friends in the house.

2. Thomas Plant – Thomas has a bit of a season 9 vibe mixed with a little bit of Hayden Moss: he likes to have a good time, but also has a nice side to him. While in some seasons he could be an early threat, the presence of a few other alpha males should help him. Plus, we see him being a guy who gets his serious flirt on.

1. Emmett Blois – We’re not trying to say that Emmett is going to win this game (we’ll share our pick to win tomorrow, since they are among the ladies), but we actually think that his lack of knowledge about the game will assist him. Think of him as a Canadian version of Lane from season 12: he’ll be a loyal alliance member, be a positive guy to have in the house, and he’s not going to be a threat to anyone for at least the first half of the season. Who’s going to get rid of this guy right away? We just can’t see it.

Who is your pre-show pick to win? We want to hear from you below! We’re going to have all sorts of “Big Brother Canada” coverage for you all season long, so to see more at your convenience moving forward, be sure to bookmark our tag page over here. We’ll have our take of the ladies, as promised, up tomorrow.

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