‘American Idol’ rankings: Where do Devin Velez, Charlie Askew stand for the guys?

American IdolOn day after bringing you the rankings for the advancing women from “American Idol,” we’re now back with a look at the guys … who we are unfortunately not too impressed with just yet. There are some good singers in the bunch below, but many of them are still missing one or two things in order to bring them to the next level. We’re not trying to be mean or to trash anyone with this article: we’re just being honest, since we want to see these five improve and be serious contenders.

We’re basing these rankings primarily on performance quality, but you have to consider likability and airtime on a show that does feature America voting. If they can’t stand you, it doesn’t matter if you are the second coming of Elvis Presley.

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5. Elijah Liu – He did a great job of getting himself into the top 10 guys with his “pop star looks,” but what was there really going on vocally? In between this and the complete lack of screen time he has received, there is no way that Elijah makes it very far in the competition at all.

4. Curtis Finch, Jr. – If this was really a competition about singing, then Curtis would without a doubt end up finishing first among these guys. However, there is just something about his delivery and even his demeanor at times that has been off-putting, and this is something that he needs to be consciously aware of in the coming rounds.

3. Charlie Askew – In some ways, we love Charlie’s personality, and his constantly appealing to the audience and being a ham up on stage. On the other hand, we hated that he constantly interrupted the judges, and his vocal on “Rocket Man” hardly shot itself off to outer space. Charlie needs to be very careful of buying too much into his own hype, especially since you should still put the quality of your performance before the theatrics. He’s a kid we want to root for, but he has a few things still to work on.

2. Paul Jolley – Paul’s attitude is effervescent, and he just seems to be an overall nice guy. However, the fact that he is #2 on this list for a performance that barely got him through to the next round shows that this is a pretty weak crew of guys. He is still missing the genuine emotional connection to the music that we need, even if the man himself can be emotional on stage.

1. Devin Velez – This was not really too hard of a decision to make. Devin’s got a supremely gifted voice, and he also has the range to do a number of different things on stage. While we don’t quite know if the young voters are going to embrace him the same way that they did a Phillip Phillips, he is the singer on this list most capable of an “Idol” moment right here and now.

Who are you rooting for out of this crop on “American Idol”? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts below, and you can also head over to the link here in order to check out our rankings for the ladies.

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