The Blacklist season 10: The current hope for season 11

The Blacklist season 9 artFor those who have not heard the news as of yet, The Blacklist season 10 is going to premiere on NBC come Sunday, February 26. In other words, they’re making us wait a LONG time to see it! By the time the show is back nine months will have passed since the end of season 9, and you have to hope that viewers come out for it.

With all of this in mind, we do think it’s worth diving into another interesting debate now: Whether this new timeslot could actually help the show get a season 11. Is there a new-found sense of hope here?

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You can argue that over the past couple of years, the Friday timeslot may have hurt the show; it’s just hard to argue that for sure without much data. The one thing that we can say without a doubt is simply this: NBC’s lineups on Sundays after the NFL season have been pretty dreadful, to the point where the bar has to be pretty low. If The Blacklist can draw even halfway decent numbers for it on Sundays, there’s a chance it could stay put for a little while longer.

Remember here that for now, nothing has been confirmed in regards to the long-term future. The network had a golden opportunity to confirm that season 10 was the end when they announced the midseason premiere dates. While it’s still possible that we are nearing the end, there still may be talks about continuing it behind the scenes. At the moment, we want to at least imagine there are some behind-the-scenes discussions happening and we will see where things go.

If season 10 is the end, the one thing we hope is that the announcement comes early enough that the writers will give us a fitting end.

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Do you feel like there’s a chance for The Blacklist season 11, or is this in your mind 100% going to be the end?

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