Yellowstone season 5 spoilers: Big Kayce, Monica test ahead

YellowstoneWith the premiere of Yellowstone season 5 coming on Paramount Network in just over a week, it can’t be shock to learn that there is drama all across the board. Every single character in this ensemble is going to come across their own obstacles and over time, we’ll have to see how they take them on and recover.

Just as you would imagine, some challenges are going to be more difficult than others. Some may also be a little more personal. Take, for example, what you end up seeing for Kayce and Monica. They won’t necessarily be at the ranch at the start of season 5 but with John becoming the Governor and Beth occupied working with him, it’s easy to imagine some situations that would rope Luke Grimes’ character back into that world. With that, there could also be some big stumbling blocks for his marriage, and right when he and his wife are expecting another baby.

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Speaking in a new interview with TVLine about the story ahead, Grimes does indicate that some of the upcoming challenges are going to be arriving a little sooner rather than later:

“Something that happens early on once again puts us in a really difficult position, but you see them come together in a way that they haven’t before.”

The fact that they come back together is encouraging, but we’ll of course have to figure out if they are able to stay together. After all, this is the sort of thing that comes with its own major challenges and stumbling blocks over time. After all, we have a hard time thinking that anything is going to become any easier as this upcoming season progresses and more challenges are put at the feet of the Dutton family. There’s also Jamie to consider here, who we consider to be one of the biggest wild cards of all time.

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What do you imagine will be happening with Kayce on Yellowstone season 5?

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