Yellowstone season 5 spoilers: More on Governor John Dutton

YellowstoneThe premiere of Yellowstone season 5 is coming to Paramount Network on November 13, and of course, John Dutton will be at the center. How can he not be? Kevin Costner’s character is the heartbeat for most of the story and moving into this chapter of the tale, he’s going to be in a very different place than ever before.

To be specific, he is set to become the new Governor of Montana. Whatever sort of political campaign we were going to see from him will be completely fast-forwarded through and we’re going to see just how he acts on the other side.

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So what sort of Governor is John going to be? Well, we know that he wants to stop massive land developments, and will probably stop at nothing to ensure that happens. Based on what Wes Bentley (who plays Jamie) had to say to TV Insider, he may use some unconventional methods to make that happen:

“John’s trying to blow it all up … That becomes a clash of state versus corporate power — ironically, with John as the state. There’s definitely some shady business. Jamie tries to convince [John and Beth] they could use, rather than break or bend, the law to do the things they want to do. But they’re a blunt object.”

Of course, Jamie himself could be a massive thorn in John’s side depending on how this season progresses. Remember that this is a guy who wanted to do whatever he could in order to ensure that he got power in Montana, but Beth has put a complete stop to that and is now blackmailing him. That may be successful for now, but how long is Jamie going to be okay with this? This is a very delicate line that Kelly Reilly’s character is trying to tow.

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