Yellowstone season 5 video: Kevin Costner, cast on what’s ahead

YellowstoneOne week from Sunday, you are going to see the Yellowstone season 5 premiere on Paramount Network — and yes, it’s going to be epic.

Don’t believe us? Then just check out what the cast themselves have to say! If you look below, you can see Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and a number of other key cast members do their part to explain the landscape of things right now in Montana, and precisely how crazy things are going to be from here on out. John Dutton is now Governor, and that does allow the show to dive deeper into local politics. John’s priority is obviously going to be his ranch, but of course there will be forces that try to pull him in just about every possible direction. Doesn’t that feel inevitable on some level?

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Of course, it’s also noted in this video that being Governor comes with a number of new enemies, and you better hope the entire Dutton family is going to be prepared for that. Beth also has to deal with another separate adversary, as Caroline Warner of Market Equities is going to send in one of her best people to the state. This will lead to a battle of wits between two very tenacious women with opposing goals. Beth does at least have a few tools she can use — with one of them being Jamie.

For us, the status of Wes Bentley’s character is one of the big x-factors entering season 5. Beth has this blackmail that she can hold over him when it comes to Garrett Randall, but how long will he tolerate that? There could eventually be a point when Jamie decides that he really doesn’t care anymore what his sister has on him and just goes rogue / does whatever he wants.

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What are you most excited to see on Yellowstone season 5 moving forward?

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