‘King of the Nerds’ rankings: Genevieve shines, Celeste pushes forward

King of the Nerds, CelesteWith “King of the Nerds” saying goodbye to Virgil last week we are down to our remaining five contestants: Genevieve, Ivan, Moogega, Danielle and Celeste.  Although we have been saying since the beginning that we think Ivan was a lock for the win, we are starting to see a shift in the players as some of the underdogs are starting to shine brighter then ever before and with that, lets get to our rankings for this week.

5. Moogega: Besides being completely adorable we have yet to see Moogega really shine this season.  She should’ve been a lock at the Sudoku challenge, but dropped the ball and their team ultimately lost.  Although she is not as strong at the challenges as the remaining contestants, she has played a very strong social game and because everyone loves her she has made it further in the game then we originally thought she would.

4. Danielle: For us it’s hard not to root for the pro-gamer since we are big World of Warcraft nerds ourselves, but while Danielle has proven herself to be a competitor in the challenges, her social game has been a little lacking as she brought an epic amount of drama to her team.  Now that the teams are no more and it’s every nerd for themselves, we are hoping to see her move up the rankings this week.

3. Celeste: She has been the quiet dark horse that has been pushing further ahead every week.  She isn’t all flash and scrambling for screen time, but she’s playing a great social game and doing well in the challenges. Unless there’s a major twist in the game, we see her making the top 3 for sure.

2. Ivan: Like we said we have been thinking that Ivan is a lock for the win this whole season, but after his weird meltdown 2 weeks ago at being nominated to go to the Nerd Off, we started to see the weak points in his armor.  Not being the best or the strongest seems to hit Ivan in a really bad way and it could end up being his undoing.

1. Genevieve: We’ll admit at first we weren’t sure what to make of Genevieve, but she has quickly grown on us.  While there may have been times that her perky demeanor may have gotten on people’s nerves inside Nerdvana, her positivity usually won them over.  As far as challenges go, we’ve seen her go to the Nerd Off twice against opponents that were both stronger then her in the challenge she faced, but both times she studied hard and took both Alana and Virgil out of the game.  We think she has a really good chance of winning the game and being crowned the “King of the Nerds”.

There are only 2 episode left of “King of the Nerds” before the winner is revealed – who do you think is going to come out on top and why?  Leave us a comment and tell us who you want to see win the show. If you missed last week’s episode and want to know what happened then be sure to check out our review here.

Photo: TBS

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