Jimmy Kimmel brings in Channing Tatum, Bruno Mars for ‘Movie: The Movie: 2V’

Jimmy KimmelIf there is one tradition that Jimmy Kimmel has for his shows following the Academy Awards, it is assembling some of the biggest stars in Hollywood in order to take part in some sort of viral video. Following the success of “Movie: The Movie” last year, it only made sense to make another … right? Right.

For this reason, we now have the honor to see “Movie: The Movie: 2V,” the video that was unveiled during the post-Oscars show Sunday night. The basic premise here is rather ridiculous, but also extremely funny: a legion of “sexy” supernatural creatures (including vampires, zombies, and for some reason mummies) are invading the earth, and thus heroes are called upon in order to take care of the problem. This legion includes a man who accidentally mistakes his kid to be kidnapped (Gerard Butler), a piano virtuoso with no arms (Bryan Cranston), a guy bitten by a radioactive shrimp (John Krasinski), and a talking animal whose lines were written be someone with no understanding of racial dialects (voiced by Chris Rock).

The overall cast list for Kimmel’s video is impressive, as he also managed to secure the likes of Jessica Chastain, Arnie Hammer, Bradley Cooper, Kerry Washington, Wolf Blitzer, Oprah Winfrey (as the President), Samuel L. Jackson, Bruno Mars, and Salma Hayek. Perhaps the two most inspired castings here include Matt Damon once again being antagonized by Kimmel (though this time while wearing one of those motion-capture outfits), and also Channing Tatum being the man responsible for fighting sexy with sexy.

We don’t necessarily feel like this video is as funny as the original, but for the sheer sake of getting so many big stars all in one place, this is definitely something that is more than entertaining to watch.

What do you think about this “Movie: The Movie” installment? If you want to read our full coverage of all things Oscars, you can do so by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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