‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ rankings: Dawn Meehan still tops the list

SurvivorJust like last weekend, we are back with some more “Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites” contestant rankings. And just like with last week, we’re doing this on a tribe-by-tribe basis.

The Favorites tribe is an interesting conundrum to right about at the moment, mostly because we still don’t know much about their tribe dynamics. The Fans went to Tribal Council last week, and thus dominated most of the airtime. Therefore, the only real “strategy” we saw was Phillip solidifying his “Stealth R US” alliance of six, and Brandon threatening to pillage the entire camp before undergoing an emotional 180 and acting like a functioning human being. The changes to the rankings therefore are not exactly drastic, mostly because the tribe dynamics have not really changed as of late.

New to the rankings? Well, our criteria is based on the following things: strategy, physical and mental prowess, airtime, edit, and in this case, past history on the show.

9. Brandon Hantz (last week: 9) – We don’t see this one changing anytime soon. If the Favorites head to tribal council, Brandon is out. It’s as simple as that. He’s not someone who seems to have the stability necessary to be an important player in this game, and for him the mission is really simple: win challenges, and hope for a tribal swap so that he can make a new alliance and spill dirt on the Favorites.

8. Phillip Sheppard (8) – Phillip is Phillip, and even though he is in power, it is still hard to really see him safe from being a target at any time in the near future. Everyone may want to take him far in the game, but there’s only so long that they will do so while putting up with his airtime-dominating antics. Remember, these are reality stars that we are looking at here! They want airtime, so don’t think that they would stop short of eliminating someone for this reason.

7. Andrea Boehlke (5) – Andrea is in an interesting position at the moment: she has an alliance, but strangely does not seem to be particularly well-liked by many people. Is there something from before the game leaking into the game itself? That is something that we will hopefully learn a little bit more about as the season progresses, and she either goes far or remains a target.

6. Brenda Lowe (7) – Where’s Brenda this season? In case you missed her pre-show videos, you will be interested to know that she planned from the get-go to play a more under-the-radar game, as she now has a boyfriend is not going to flirt her way far. This means that she could have a much harder journey ahead of her … but even still, there are bigger fish to fry on this tribe.

5. Erik Reichenbach (6) – He may not be in the numbers right now, but Erik still has a pretty good shot at sticking around thanks solely to his physical prowess alone. We’re mostly just stunned at the moment by his lack of airtime, mostly because he was someone we rooted for throughout much of the original “Fans vs. Favorites” until the whole immunity necklace fiasco happened.

4. John Cochran (4) – We still love Cochran as a entertainer on the show, and even as a player he seems to be in decent shape at the moment. The best thing the Favorites can do to save him in the game is to merely keep winning; if the alliance currently intact makes it to the merge, they will be in cruise control until the final six … and without being a physical threat, Cochran could easily be final four material.

3. Corinne Kaplan (3) – There are two ways to read Corinne’s invisible edit: she is either not going to be a part of the show for very long, or she is destined to go far and is not at the point where her story is important. We don’t really see why she would be in trouble early save for her oft-fiery personality, so far the time being we have to rank her high.

2. Malcolm Freberg (2) – The good thing that Malcolm has going for him? He’s an enormous physical threat. The bad thing that Malcolm has going for him? He’s still a question mark, and we cannot exactly see that he, like Russell Hantz in “Heroes vs. Villains,” will make it to the end. With that being said, there’s no one on his tribe that is a bigger lock to make the merge.

1. Dawn Meehan (1) – One thing that is interesting to point out about Dawn is that despite her not being the biggest personality on a tribe full of big personalities, she is receiving quite a substantial edit. This to us means that she is destined to go far, which is aided by more evidence including the fact that she is in a strong alliance, and seemingly no one is targeting her.

Who are you rooting for on the Favorites tribe right now? If you want to see our full interview with the recently-eliminated Allie Pohevitz, be sure to check out the link here.

Photo: CBS

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