Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 finale: Raq, Unique shock!

Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2The Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 finale absolutely fired on all cylinders … and that includes the big twist at the end.

Take, for starters, the fact that Raq and Unique may be in a pretty shocking position moving forward, one where the two may actually need to work together. They may not want to deep down in their hearts, but they have a choice here: Fight each other, or allow the Italian mob to completely take over Queens. This is the blood that binds them together. This is what caused Unique to save Raq’s life when he didn’t have to. He realized that without her, he’d just be a pawn in the Italians’ plan. This wasn’t just some selfless act and we gotta consider that. From the moment that he was released from jail, He started playing the long game.

Also, remember that Unique doesn’t exactly got a lot of other options right now: Worrell and much of his crew was killed by Sal’s men.

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Where things could get even more interesting moving forward is if Howard also recognizes that he has to work on some level with Raq and Unique. We 100% think there was some symbolism to what we saw with these three and Kanan at the car at the end of the finale.

If the goal here is for every season of Raising Kanan to be different, then mission accomplished! Of course, we do clearly think some more terrible stuff is going to happen down the road. There is a reason that the 50 Cent version of Kanan is as hardened as he is during the flagship Power; that much feels abundantly clear these days.

What we can say as a whole is pretty clear: This was an excellent finale, and we tend to think it sets the stage in a big way for what lies ahead in a way that leaves us REALLY stoked.

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