The Blacklist season 10: The Big Bad mystery

The Blacklist season 9 art

NBC’s The Blacklist has long been a show that loves all of its various mysteries. With that in mind, we can’t be shocked we have another one today!

To be specific, we are talking here about the Big Bad, the person who Raymond Reddington and the Task Force will be doing battle with moving forward. We found ourselves in a similar position before the start of season 9. Who would’ve thought that Marvin Gerard would be the main enemy? Of course, what made that conflict interesting is that for most of the season, Marvin was mostly trying to cover his tracks; he already achieved what he wanted in having Liz killed.

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This time around, it is fairly clear already what a prospective Big Bad could want out of a conflict with Reddington: Revenge. With Marvin leaking the list to Wujing, there are going to be a lot of people out there who want to inflict some carnage on him. It’s mostly a question of when they will do it and whether or not they will find some success.

There is still a chance that Wujing is the #1 villain but if that’s the case, who is #2 on the Blacklist? Could the third-ever Blacklister from the show be the central adversary? It’s possible, but we tend to think there is a major pivot-point coming in the writing for this season, and a lot of its stems from whether or not season 10 is the end. If this show stretches into a season 11, we imagine they would want to save the #2 criminal — they’re more than capable of finding another villain along the way. The numbers do tend to be representative of a threat level to Reddington, but sometimes, threats can come out of nowhere. We saw that already with Marvin.

Odds are, we won’t know for sure who the Big Bad for season 10 is until we’re at least a decent ways into the season.

Who do you think the Big Bad is going to be on The Blacklist season 10?

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