NCIS season 20 episode 6 photo: Is Kasie ‘The Good Fighter’?

NCIS The Good FighterThe moment that we heard NCIS season 20 episode 6 was titled “The Good Fighter,” we of course wondered why. What’s the reason you name an episode this? From our vantage point, it was clearly a reference to someone; now, we may have a better sense who.

Based on the image above, it looks as though Kasie Hines is doing a little bit of mixed martial arts training — so what is the overall purpose of it here? We certainly have a theory…

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If you remember back to last season, we saw Diona Reasonover’s character contemplate getting a firearm to protect herself. Remember that she had that terrifying near-death experience shortly before Gibbs’ exit and in the aftermath of that, she may very-much feel a need to protect herself. She opted to not purchase a weapon, so doing some MMA training may be what appeals to her most now. It’s also an activity and something to do outside of work.

Of course, we’re very-much curious to learn a little bit more about what the story will be within this hour that requires getting this sort of spotlight. Of course, we’re still happy for Kasie to have some airtime that isn’t just some small bit of exposition on a case. We know that she’s a lively character with a lot of unique interests, and that is what makes her interesting to watch the vast majority of the time. We’d love to get an update on her personal life (Piper? Maybe?) and then beyond that, maybe see a couple of scenes featuring her and Knight since the two of them have a great friendship.

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What do you want to see on NCIS season 20 episode 6 next week, especially for Kasie?

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