‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Kurt Sutter shows off writers’ room, talks Jax

Sons of AnarchyFor the first time since pre-production began on “Sons of Anarchy” season 6, we are getting an inside view at how Kurt Sutter and the writers are currently mapping out the story. The latest “WTFSutter” video below comes straight from the writers’ room, and does a good job at showing just what some of these talented people do to figure out over time just what should end up going into an episode. Rather than working on an individual script at the moment, they are instead trying to just figure out what should be written into the season premiere.

Sutter does give a “tease” about what you can see from Jax (or at least what you could see of Jax) during the show’s first episode, and also explained the progression of the character that we saw throughout season 5 last year:

“The great thing about season 5 for me was that we always had Jax in the middle when he was VP. You had Clay calling the shots, and the world responding to Clay’s command. Jax was in a very reactive position when it came to his response… our challenge was how do we make him proactive rather than reactive. That has always been a challenge for that character … I was really looking forward to getting him to the head of that table, so now that he is the one that is proactively calling the shows for the entire club. Everybody became reactive to him, and yes he had to answer to the feedback of [those people], but [that] was the first season where he was really the guy making those calls.”

Sutter added that this is still where he wants to see Jax continue to evolve moving forward into season 6, as we start to get to know more and more about just what sort of leader he is going to be of SAMCRO in the long-term. This was a part of a conversation he recently had with series star Charlie Hunnam, as he explained to him the basic layout of the upcoming story arc.

If you want to see some more scoop from “Sons of Anarchy” concerning the future of Jimmy Smits as Nero, you can do so by visiting the story over at the link here.

Photo: FX

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