American Horror Story: NYC premiere: What is the disease?

American Horror Story: NYC Pat

In the wake of last night’s American Horror Story: NYC premiere on FX, there are a number of different things to wonder about. Take, for starters, the mystery of the “Big Bad” otherwise known as Big Daddy. What is he truly meant to represent? Is it darkness, is he an actual, physical character, or is he a representation of a larger disease?

Speaking of disease, we want to put the focus next on what we are seeing from Billie Lourd’s character of Hannah, who spent a significant chunk of the premiere trying to investigate a mysterious illness that was originating from deer out on Fire Island. We’re also seeing some gay men in New York City struggling with some sort of affliction. This is a show that is set in 1981, the time of a real-life epidemic that was happening; yet, American Horror Story seems to be going for history-adjacent this season rather than having it be something direct.

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So what is this disease on Fire Island exactly? It is something we could learn more about over time, but it comes with two different questions. For starters, what exactly its long-term effects are, but also who is responsible for it originating in the first place. This is where an ample amount of suspicion will be thrown on the US government, per at least the early conspiracies bandied about by the characters.

Is this connected to Big Daddy? That remains to be seen, but this franchise wouldn’t be what it is unless there were multiple things going on all at once.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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