American Horror Story: NYC premiere: Who is Big Daddy?

American Horror Story: NYC Pat

The American Horror Story: NYC premiere on FX wasted no time allowing you to dive into its 1981 setting, and also bringing you Big Daddy. Who in the world is that? Well, based on what we saw during the first episode, this is the big bad of the season.

Within the world of this show, there is someone committing murders that no one is talking about. There are those trying to bring more attention to the subject, but are coming up against resistance. It does not help that very few people out there knowing anything at all in regards to Big Daddy, from their history to when they even saw him last. They revel in their anonymity, and they also live within a world where a lot of people like to be whoever they want. They take advantage of the vulnerable, or at least this is how we view things from a single episode into the story.

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One of the big moments of the first two episodes was the kidnapping of Gino, who nearly died at the hands of someone. Was that Big Daddy? It doesn’t quite seem so. Meanwhile, we saw Big Daddy again near the end of episode 2, as Sam walked directly passed him. He was also there briefly in Central Park, where Hannah thought she saw him.

Is it possible that Big Daddy is a ghost or a symbol more so than an actual person? This is one of the big takeaways from the first two episodes. There are other characters who have their own inner darkness they are living out. It may not need to be this character committing anything at all.

Will Big Daddy end up being as memorable / tied to this show as some other notable names? The bar is set high here when you think about Twisty the Clown or Rubber Man.

What do you think about the American Horror Story: NYC premiere, and the mystery of Big Daddy?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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