‘The Amazing Race 22’ preview: Injuries and fears in Bora Bora

The Amazing RaceThe Academy Awards are expected to by and large clean house when it comes to TV ratings on Sunday night, but there is also some other programming worth celebrating … at least if you are a fan of a certain race around the world.

Sadly, episode 2 of “The Amazing Race 22” this weekend seems to be staying firmly in Bora Bora, which is a pretty difficult place to do a competition like this for a number of reasons. While it is beautiful, there’s hardly any real room for teams to get lost, and thus the vast majority of the drama revolves more or less around teams being able to just do the challenges. It’s also a little bit crowded, and we personally prefer these sorts of locales better reserved for when there are only four or five teams left, and they have already run the gamut around the world.

Some of the drama this week seems to mostly be themed around either preexisting fears or dealing with injuries. We’re becoming more and more skeptical on our preseason pick to win in Idries & Jamil as time goes by. While the positive is that they are receiving a ton of airtime (which reminds us a little of the Chippendales early on last season), they are definitely not getting any sort of winners’ edit. Despite a fear of water, these twin OBGYNs will probably make it through to the next leg.

However, the future is not nearly as bright for father / son team Dave & Conner. Despite starting this leg off in third place, an injury (specifically to the Achilles) could lead to them being forced to drop out of the race … which has to be a pretty devastating blow when you are in a good position and you tried so hard to get on. (Then again, this could just be a red herring designed to make us more afraid than we would otherwise be.)

Be sure to check back Sunday night for a full review of the episode, and you can also see our take from last week’s premiere over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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