House of the Dragon season 1 episode 9: Rhaenys’ dragon ride

House of the Dragon season 1House of the Dragon season 1 episode 9 from the get-go did everything in its power to deliver a new era in King’s Landing. It absolutely proved to be one of the most shocking episodes ever, and it managed to do that while barely using Rhaenyra at all.

After all, it was one of her allies in Rhaenys who stole the show, arriving at Aegon’s coronation ceremony (after escaping her capture) while riding the dragon Meleys. She did not kill Alicent, Otto, or the new King; however, she did make her presence felt and sent a rather large message: If King’s Landing wants to go down this road, it will do so without much in the way of support.

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So here is the biggest question in the aftermath of all of this, at least in our mind: Why didn’t Rhaenys burn the King and everything to the ground? She had the golden opportunity to do so. However, writer and executive producer Sara Hess had the following to say to The Hollywood Reporter on the subject, making it clear that Rhaenys did not want to be the one to end a war on her own:

I think she just can’t do it. It’s not her war. The fight is between these two sides and she’s kind of not in it. She doesn’t feel like she’s the one to come in and do that. But you’re right. If she had just incinerated everybody, it’s game over, Rhaenyra wins and we’re done here. But the cost is huge. I also feel like that moment, she looks Alicent in the eye and Alicent walks in front of her kid to shield him. It’s one mother to another. Rhaenys is angry, but in her previous scene with Alicent, she respected her, even if she doesn’t agree with her. So she’s not going to kill another woman like that.

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