‘Two and a Half Men season 10, episode 17 review: Walden’s on the search for a wife

Two and a Half MenOn tonight’s episode of “Two and a Half Men” season 10, Walden watches an old video he made while he was at MIT outlining all of the goals that he wanted to accomplish by the time he was 35 and as it turns out he’s accomplished almost all of them.  The one goal he didn’t reach was having a wife and children, leaving Walden feeling that he really missed the boat in life.

Walden decides to make a change and calls an exclusive dating service that sets up singles mixers and gets himself invited to the next one.  When he first gets there he meets some strange women and it’s looking kind of bleak, until he sees his ex-wife Bridgett and things start to look brighter.  He goes up to talk to her and the conversation leads to Walden going home with Bridgett and it looks like he might be ready to give his relationship with her another chance – is this really a good idea or is he just desperate to be married with kids?

Alan isn’t sure that Walden getting back together with Bridgett is such a good idea thinking that they don’t really have a lot in common and that Bridgett is too controlling of Walden. As their relationship progresses Walden (Bridgett) decide to ask Alan to move out and Alan is obviously upset, Bridgett is way too controlling.

In the end it turned out to all be a thought in Walden’s head and he’s really still at the singles mixer.  He decides not to talk to Bridgett after thinking about what life with her would end up like.

Do you think Walden made the right choice walking away from Bridgett or would you like to see him get back together with her?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “Two and a Half Men”.

Photo: CBS

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